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Transportation Electrification Blueprint

In March 2021, Seattle released the Transportation Electrification Blueprint which includes six ambitious goals to accelerate market transformation and make it possible for Seattle to reduce climate and air pollution, provide more electric mobility options, build a reliable and resilient energy grid, create a pipeline of green job creation, and add a more just and diverse workforce.

The development of the Transportation Electrification Blueprint and its goals included consulting with the Environmental Justice Committee and community leaders and is centered on community-identified priorities of expanding electric transit and mobility options, making electric vehicles and charging more reliable and accessible, and connecting workforce opportunities to communities that need them the most.

Blueprint Goals:

As shared mobility services like bikes, scooters, taxis, Uber, Lyft, carshare services and others continue to expand in Seattle, the City will ensure those options are electric and emissions free. 

To reach our climate goals, by 2030 nine out of ten trips must be taken by walking, biking, electric transit or in an electric vehicle (or avoided all together). 

As more and more of the goods we buy and the food we eat are purchased online, we are seeing growing congestion and pollution from transportation.

Seattle will operate a large municipal fleet with zero fossil fuels by 2030.

Seattle will ensure a major area of our city will have zero emissions from transportation including streets or blocks that are closed to cars and promote walking, biking, electrified transit, and electric goods delivery and services.

Infrastructure investments will enable a rapid transition to an electrified transportation system. 

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