Climate Justice

Communities of color and those furthest from justice bear the greatest burden when it comes to the effects of climate change. These folks experience the most severe social, environmental, and health impacts — yet historically, have had the least amount of say when it comes to local laws and policies. 

Climate justice pushes for greater well-being and representation, to protect the rights of those most vulnerable to the ongoing climate crisis. In particular, climate justice at the City of Seattle focuses on shifting our local government to be more values-aligned with principles of racial, environmental, and economic justice — so that we are more inclusive, equitable, and transparent. 

Our Focus Areas

Seattle's Green New Deal aims to create jobs and equitably transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy by prioritizing investments in communities most harmed by economic, racial, and environmental injustices.

Seattle is working to build an inclusive climate workforce that invests in equitable pathways into the green economy to ensure a just transition away from fossil fuels.

The One Seattle Climate Portal is a publicly available map-based website that houses more frequent and granular data indicators of emissions in Seattle. 

Seattle's Duwamish Valley Program currently consists of two major focus areas: implementing the Duwamish Valley Action Plan and co-designing the Duwamish Valley Resilience District. 

The Duwamish River Opportunity Fund (DROF) is a grant program that funds new and existing efforts focused on advancing priorities outlined in the Duwamish Valley Action Plan to address challenges faced by Duwamish River communities.

The Environmental Justice Fund was created in 2017 to support efforts that benefit and are led by, or in partnership with, those most affected by environmental and climate inequities. 

Sustainability and Environment

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