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Capital GREEN outlines environmentally responsible strategies that apply toward City of Seattle capital projects. Under Seattle's Sustainable Buildings Policy, projects less than 5,000 square feet, as well as projects not eligible for a LEED rating, shall include the completion of a Capital Green checklist to assess opportunities for incorporating sustainable building features. The project types addressed by Capital GREEN include small new construction and remodeling projects, such as expansions and renovation projects, as well as tenant improvement projects. 

Capital GREEN has six environmental categories:

  • Site
  • Water 
  • Energy
  • Climate
  • Materials
  • Indoor Environment   

Capital GREEN Toolkit The Capital GREEN Toolkit consists of two linked Excel files: "capital green form.xlsm" and "toolkit.xlsx". These two files must both be downloaded and co-located. Download both source files into their own project-specific folder. Both files must be open to enable Toolkit macros. 

Capital GREEN was originally developed by the Capital Projects Division of the Department of Finance and Administrative Services for use on capital or publicly funded projects. The Office of Sustainability and Environment updated it in 2012 for use by all City Capital Departments. The current version incorporates minor revisions made in May 2019. Questions? Contact the City’s Project Manager for the project for which you’ve been engaged as a consultant. 

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