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Independent Study Courses

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers a series of Independent Study courses that are free and available to all members of the public. You will need to register for a FEMA Student Identification (SID) number in order to complete the online independent study courses. You can register for a SID here. Below is a list of recommended Independent Study courses for educators and faculty.

FEMA also provides a comprehensive online toolkit for emergency planning in schools. The toolkit includes guidance on planning, drills, exercises, staff training, and other pertinent information. You can access to online toolkit here.

Family Reunification

A robust family reunification plan is an important part of any school's emergency plan. Family reunification plans allow schools to create processes by which to reunite students with their families following an emergency event. The Seattle Office of Emergency Management provides training on creating and exercising a family reunification plan in education settings. Click on the cover photo below to download a PDF version of our family reunification presentation. 

A family holding hands with text: Family Reunification, emergency procedures for families and students

Download: Family Reunification Child Release Form

Emergency Preparedness Curriculum

Click here for a list of emergency preparedness plans for grades 1-12 through FEMA's Be a Hero program. 

Be a Hero Lesson Plans

Emergency Management

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