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The Office of Emergency Management has over 20 trained Community Safety Ambassadors (CSAs) who can provide disaster preparedness and life safety training in the following languages: Arabic, Amharic, Cambodian-Khmer, Chinese, English, Kiswahili, Laotian, Moldavian, Oromo, Romanian, Spanish, Somali, Tigrinya, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Community groups and organizations can schedule CSAs to provide translated training on the following topics:

Emergency preparedness

During this hour-long training, attendees learn about Seattle's hazards and how to get prepared for disasters by building a kit, making a plan, signing up for emergency alerts, and helping each other.

Hands-only CPR/911 Education

During this hour-long workshop, attendees become educated about 911 and learn how to provide hands-only CPR through hands-on activities. Note: this training does not qualify for American Heart Association CPR certification.

Booth at Safety Fairs

If you expect members of the non-English speaking community to be present at your safety or health fair, you can request CSAs attend to educate community members on emergency preparedness.

Fill out the online request form to schedule a training. If you expect non-English speaking community members to attend the training, please specify which languages you need translation for on the form so the appropriate CSA trainers are assigned. To schedule training for multiple language groups, it is usually best to schedule each training at a different date/time for each language group.

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