Vehicle Registration Tabs

Why Do I Have a Hold on My Vehicle Registration (Tabs)?

According to Washington State Law, you may not renew your vehicle registration if your vehicle has unpaid parking or traffic camera tickets. A vehicle must have at least two unpaid tickets before a court may report them to DOL.

How Do I Remove a Hold on My Vehicle Registration (Tabs)?

  1. Find out which tickets are holding your registration. Any DOL office can provide you with a list of tickets that are holding your registration.
  2. Pay your tickets in full to the court's collection agency
  3. The court will notify DOL to clear our hold on your registration.
  4. DOL will update your vehicle record to show your vehicle no longer has a Seattle Municipal Court hold. This may take 4-5 days after payment in full. If you need to get your tabs sooner, contact the court at (206) 684-5600 after you pay the collection agency.
  5. If this is the only hold on your tabs, DOL can remove your hold.
  6. Seattle Municipal Court can only release City of Seattle parking and traffic camera ticket holds. You will need to also contact any other municipal or district courts where you have unpaid tickets.
  7. You will need to apply for new tabs through DOL and pay applicable fees.


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