Court Forms

Adobe Sign webforms should be used if the document will be signed by a judge at the next scheduled hearing date or used at the next scheduled hearing. Otherwise, the documents will more appropriately be filed in the Seattle Municipal Justice portal per usual protocol. We encourage preparing documents in advance of the next hearing when possible.

Defense Attorneys: Watch Seattle Municipal Court webforms training

When using these Adobe Sign webforms, you may be prompted to enter additional email addresses. This could include the City Attorney and/or the judge presiding over the hearing. If you do not know who the City Attorney or judge is, please reach out to the appropriate City Attorney Unit or the court as appropriate.

Affidavit for Disqualification of Judge

Alford Plea Attachment 

Declaration of Non Driving and Order on Criminal Motion

Declaration of Non-Surrender

Expired Blood Vials 

Fifth Amendment Finding

Interpreter's Declaration

Limited Notice of Appearance 

Motion to Continue Arraignment 

Motion & Order for Continuance (Non-Trial) 

Motion and Order Waiving Fines and Fees

Motion to Quash Warrant

Order Continuing Trial & Waiver of Time for Trial

Order for Initial Evaluation of Competency

Order Granting Deferred Prosecution

Order on Criminal Motion

Order to Release Firearms

Statement of Defendant on Plea of Guilty

Subpoena Duces Tecum

Temporary Release Order

Trial Setting Order

Waiver Of Speedy Trial

Specialized Court Forms

Mental Health Court

Dismiss and Detain

Dismiss and Refer

Insanity and Diminished Capacity Examination 

Order for Civil Commitment Referral

Order Directing Competency Restoration

Order Finding Defendant Competent

Order for Initial Evaluation of Competency

Order To Redact Mental Health Evaluation  

Order Retracting Competency Evaluation

Order to Show Cause

Order to Strike and Refer

The following forms should be filed in the case portal. To download a form, select the language under the form and it will open as a PDF.

Affidavit for Disqualification of Judge - Defense

Declaration of Non Driving and Order on Criminal Motion

Designation of Clerk's Paper

Jury Waiver

Motion to Add-on/Consolidate

Motion & Order for Continuance (Non-Trial)

Notice of Appeal with King County Superior Court Worksheet

Order on Criminal Motion

Order for Expert Billing at Public Expense

Specialized Court Forms

Find specialized court forms on on the program webpages:

Portal Filing Guidelines

Request Attorney or Clerk Access to Portal

  1. Proceed to the Seattle Municipal Court Portal and select LOGIN/REGISTER from the top menu or click on the blue Register button on the main screen.
  2. Click on the blue Register link under the login button where it says "Don't have a profile?"
  3. Enter your Username, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Password, confirm Password and click on the blue Register button.
  4. You will receive an email with a link to complete the sign-up process. If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder.
  5. After clicking the link, your account will be active and you will be redirected back to the SMC Portal.
  6. Click on your account name in the top right hand corner of the screen and select Profile from the drop down menu.
  7. Select User Access.
  8. Click on the blue Submit Request button and select the appropriate account type from the drop-down menu.
  9. Enter your address and click the blue Continue button.
  10. Enter your phone number and click the blue Continue button.
  11. Enter your Bar ID number.
  12. Click on Reference File to upload a copy of your ID.
  13. Click on Submit Request.
  14. You will receive a confirmation through your Notifications that your user account has been successfully created.

    Filing Documents

    In order to file documents through the portal, you do not need an enhanced account. Filings are accepted for cases with future court dates. Filings are only accepted in the courtroom for cases set on the day of filing.  

    Filing Instructions

    1. Create document using word processing software and convert to PDF.
    2. Log-in to the portal and select Create and New Filing from the left sub-menu.
    3. From the Case Type drop-down menu, select File on Existing Case
    4. Enter case number and select Continue.
    5. Select Manual Entry.
    6. Enter the docket entry name and select Continue.
    7. Enter the name of the document if different than Docket Entry description and select Continue.
    8. Click on Create Filing.
    9. Click on the Enter Information button.
    10. Select the appropriate filing party from the "File on Behalf of" drop down menu.
    11. Click on the blue Save button.
    12. Click on the Continue button on the Filing Information screen.
    13. Click on the Enter Information button on the Docket Entries screen.
    14. Click on the blue Next button.
    15. Click in the File Attachment field and select a file to upload.
    16. Click on the blue Next button.
    17. Click on the blue Finish button.
    18. Click on the Notifications from the left sub-menu to view the status of the filing.
    19. The court will accept or reject the document and notify the filing party within 72 hours.
    20. Filings submitted after business hours will be marked as received on the next business day. 

    Document Signatures

    Attorney Signatures - An electronic document which requires an attorney's signature may be signed with a digital signature or signed in the following manner:

    s/ John Attorney
    State Bar Number 12345
    ABC Law Firm
    123 South Fifth Avenue
    Seattle, WA 98104
    Telephone: (206) 123-4567
    Fax: (206) 123-4567
    Email: John.Attorney@law

    Non-attorney signatures - An electronic document which requires a non-attorney's signature and is not signed under penalty of perjury may be signed with a digital signature or signed in the following manner:

    s/ John Citizen
    123 South Fifth Avenue
    Seattle, WA 98104
    Telephone: (206) 123-4567
    Fax: (206) 123-4567

    Documents Accepted Via Portal

    Not all court documents are accepted via the portal. At this time, only documents that are to be filed prior to a hearing will be accepted through the portal. Of those, only documents which do not require a judicial signature or dissemination to other parties by the court will be accepted.

    • Address Verification CAO
    • Affidavit of Disqualification of Judge
    • Agreed Order for Cont
    • Appeal Notice
    • Assessment Alcohol Drug
    • Bill of Particulars
    • Briefs
    • Case Initiation Face Sheet
    • Certified ADR
    • Community Service Verification
    • Complaint
    • Cont Arr Time Waiver
    • Correspondence
    • Declaration of Nondriving
    • DOL Forms
    • DP proposed treatment plan
    • IID Proof of Install
    • Motion
    • Motion Add On/Consolidate
    • Motion and Order of Dismissal
    • Motion to Seal
    • Motion to Vacate
    • Notice of Appearance
    • Notice of Appearance Limited
    • Notice of NCF
    • Notice of Withdraw
    • Police Report
    • Probation DC Violation
    • Proof of Completion
    • Prop Jury instr City
    • Prop Jury  instr DEF
    • Protected Persons Address
    • PTD letter
    • PTD Recommendation
    • Re Licensing Recommendation
    • Request Discovery Jury
    • Response to Motion to Vacate
    • Restitution Motion
    • Sentencing Recommendation
    • Sentinel Status report
    • Victim Impact Statement
    • Waiver Speedy Trial
    • Warrant Memo
    • Witness List  

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