Robert Kettle


I am honored to serve as your District 7 Councilmember and to represent the diverse neighborhoods of District 7: Magnolia, Queen Anne, Uptown, Westlake, Interbay, Eastlake, South Lake Union, Belltown, and Downtown.

I know that Seattle is home to people of every imaginable background, and whether you’re a born-and-raised Seattleite or a transplant, I am dedicated to making Seattle a city and a home not just for us, right now, but for generations to come. That means placing a renewed and dedicated focus on our District’s and City’s public safety, reducing the permissive environment, expanding public health, and securing the future of the Port of Seattle to keep it a working, viable port for the next 100 years – one that can serve Seattle, the region, and the nation.

My priorities as your Councilmember are to focus on our greatest challenges, right now: public safety, public health, and homelessness. I will strive to have an office that responds to constituents and directly addresses your needs. As stated in my Good Governance Pledge, "I will strive to represent and listen to all of my constituents, and I will prioritize fulfilling my oversight responsibilities over city departments to make sure that they are delivering results. I will work hard to create good policy based on proven evidence-based programs and studies to best meet the needs of the city and the district."


Councilmember Robert Kettle

Robert Kettle

Bob Kettle is a career Naval Officer with leadership and management experience in naval, joint service, interagency, and multinational assignments supporting U.S. interests in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Bob has been a leader over the past decade within veteran service and non-profit organizations. He has served on the board of the Queen Anne Community Council, where he stood up and chaired its Public Safety Committee, and was also a board member of the World Affairs Council.

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