Joy Hollingsworth

Hi, I’m Joy Hollingsworth, and I represent Seattle’s District 3, which includes Eastlake, Montlake, Madison Park, Capitol Hill, First Hill, Leschi, and the Central District. I’ve lived in the Central District my entire life and have raised my family here. I have deep roots within our community and am eager to begin work bringing collaborative, community-based solutions to the issues residents of the Central District care about most. 

A safe community is my number one priority. It impacts our day-to-day lives. From our transit, grocery stores, sidewalks, and public spaces. We are working to implement different response models and collaborating with SPD on community resource officers. 

More than 13,000 of our neighbors are living unsheltered or in housing instability, and the biggest contributor is the lack of housing at every level. I am focused on removing these barriers to affordable housing and creating programs that would ensure a road to success for every individual. 

I am committed to the revitalization of Seattle, promoting small business and economic recovery and revitalization of downtown. Repairing existing public infrastructure and creating new infrastructure, supporting community centers, programs, and activities that strongly impact youth and families' lives, and exploring how we can combat climate change as a city.

I welcome your collaboration. Reach me and my team by emailing or by calling 206-684-8803


Councilmember Joy Hollingsworth

Joy Hollingsworth

Joy was born and raised in Seattle’s Central District, a neighborhood her family has called home since the 1940’s. The product of a long line of educators and civil rights leaders, Joy's mother spent her career connecting vulnerable neighbors with housing options, while her father worked for equity in South Seattle as a longtime Parks Department employee, and her grandmother, Dorothy Hollingsworth, was a fierce advocate for families and opportunity.

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