Finance, Native Communities & Tribal Governments

Committee regular meeting days and time:

1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m.

Committee Members:

Committee Scope:

To provide policy direction and oversight and to deliberate and make recommendations on legislative matters relating to:

  • The financial management and policies of the City and its agents, including the operating and capital budgets, levies, taxes, revenue, audits, and judgments and claims against the City (the Finance, Native Communities and Tribal Governments is the Finance Committee required by the Seattle City Charter);

  • The City Budget Office; the City Employees’ Retirement System; and the Office of Economic and Revenue Forecasts;

  • The Department of Finance and Administrative Services, including the Office of City Finance, the Seattle Animal Shelter, the City’s fleets and facilities, the Customer Service Bureau, and other administrative functions;

  • Facilitating government to government relations with Tribes and coordinating public planning with Tribal governments on issues such as economic development, environmental stewardship, and sustaining and protecting indigenous culture, language and history; and

  • Coordinating and managing the Council’s work related to increasing communication between tribes and urban indigenous populations, including hearing recommendations from the Indigenous Advisory Council.

Notice of Public Comment for the Appointment of Jamie Carnell as Finance Director and Director of the Office of City Finance

The July 17, 2024 Finance, Native Communities, and Tribal Governments Committee meeting will include public comment and a possible vote on the appointment of Jamie Carnell as Finance Director and Director of the Office of City Finance (OCF).

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The Seattle City Council establishes City policy through enactment of ordinances (laws) and adoption of resolutions. The City Council also approves and adopts the City's budget. The nine Council members and their legislative assistants are part of the City of Seattle Legislative Department.