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LGBTQ Visibility Campaign

As part of the LGBTQ Action Plan, the Seattle Office for Civil Rights created a project to bring visibility to Seattle’s diverse LGBTQ community members. The project included community members who represent a variety of LGBTQ identities in Seattle, with an emphasis on intersectionality and trans and queer people of color. We wanted to lift up members of the community, while emphasizing the role of the Seattle Office for Civil Rights in upholding antidiscrimination laws and promoting race and gender justice.

Ariel - Upholding your right to be proud - SOCR

To create the advertisements, we photographed and interviewed five members of the community, asking the questions:

  1. What are the aspects of your identity that make you most proud?
  2. Has there been a significant moment in your life with respect to your identity as an LGBTQ person, and perhaps in relation to other identities you carry, which have made you feel proud or empowered?
  3. How do you see your own resilience? Where do you draw power as a member of the LGBTQ community?

The images and messages centered in these ads demonstrate empowerment, strength and love. We wish to celebrate and honor the qualities that comprise Seattle’s LGBTQ community. The ads were featured on buses and light rail throughout the city for three months in 2016.

Lady B - Upholding your right to be proud - SOCR

Zoe - Upholding your right to be proud - SOCR

LuLu - Upholding your right to be proud - SOCR

Leo - Upholding your right to be proud - SOCR

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