Outage Tips

Graphic of a white refrigerator on a blue backgroundKeep freezers and refrigerators closed.

Graphic of a white power generator on a blue backgroundOnly use generators outdoors and away from windows.

Graphic of a white flame over a burner on a blue backgroundDo not use a gas stove to heat your home. For lighting, battery powered flashlights and LED candles are safer than open flames.

Graphic of a white electrical plug and cord on a blue backgroundDisconnect appliances and electronics to avoid damage from electrical surges.

Graphic of a white first aid cross on a blue backgroundUse alternate plans for refrigerating medicines or power-dependent medical devices.

Graphic of a white house on a blue backgroundClose doors, windows and curtains to retain heat. If safe, go to an alternate location for heating and cooling.

Graphic of two silhouettes of people in white on a blue backgroundCheck on neighbors.

Protection from Power Surges

Unplug appliances during an outage and turn electrical appliances on gradually once power is restored. This will prevent extended damage to the electrical system from power surges.

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