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We're continuously working to improve our services and the communities we serve - from maintaining our infrastructure to upgrading equipment to exploring new energy technology solutions - all to deliver safe, clean, and reliable power to you. Click the button below to view a map of active projects.

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2nd Avenue Extension South Streetlight Upgrades

Replacing aging streetlights and underground electrical cables to enhance safety and reliability.

4th Avenue Duct Bank Installation

Installing an underground duct bank on 4th Avenue to maintain electrical reliability for downtown core.

Accelerated Pole Replacement Program

Replacing aging utility poles to enhance safety and reliability.

Advanced Metering Installations

Replacing older meters with new wireless advanced meters.

Arroyo Conduit Installation

Installing new conduits, cables, streetlights and other related equipment.

Belltown Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Proposal to build a public EV charging station in Belltown

Boren & Union Underground Network Upgrade

Trenching and shoring at intersection of Boren & Union, and along the north side of Union heading east.

Brace Point Cable Replacement

Underground infrastructure improvements and streetlight installations.

Broad Street Substation Inductor

System improvements at the Broad Street Substation that will increase the reliability of our power grid.

Burien Electric Vehicle Charging Station

EV charging at the Burien City Hall/King County Library parking lot

Canterbury Lane East Streetlight Repairs

Repairing streetlight system on Canterbury Lane East

Chinatown-ID Underdeck LED Lighting Upgrades

Underdeck lighting upgrades in the Chinatown-International District.

Chinatown-ID/Atlantic Infrastructure Upgrades

Replacing aging utility poles, overhead wires and equipment.

Civil Improvements at Laurelhurst Substation

Removing aging substation equipment and trenching for electrical conduit.

Curbside Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging

Installing public Level 2 EV chargers at curbside locations in Seattle.

Delridge Electrical Upgrades

Upgrading electrical infrastructure by replacing aging utility poles, overhead wires and equipment.

Denny Substation

Upgrades to the east ramp and southeast tenant space.

Distribution Line Sensor Installations

Installing new line sensors to more quickly identify and resolve unplanned power outages.

Duwamish Communications Tower Upgrades

Installing communications equipment on utility tower structures along the Duwamish Waterway

East Pine Substation Reliability Upgrade

Modifications and improvements to East Pine Substation.

Electrical Improvements in Meadowbrook

Installing underground conduits and cables to maintain electrical reliability.

Electrical Improvements Near NE 47th St

Vault and duct bank installation to support electrical growth.

Elliott Bay Seawall Project -- Utility Relocation

Relocating utilities to support the Waterfront Seattle project.

Fairview Ave North Bridge Replacement

Installing new poles and power lines to maintain reliability along Fairview Ave.

Hawthorne Hills Underground Cable Repairs

Repairing segments of underground cable to improve reliability.

Inverness Cable Replacement Project

Repairing aging underground infrastructure in the Inverness neighborhood.

Lake Park Drive South Streetlight Repairs

Repairing the underground streetlight system in the Mt. Baker area.

Magnolia Cable Improvements

Underground cable replacements in the Magnolia area.

Magnolia Communications/Streetlight Upgrades

Pilot project to support enhanced cellular and data services in the Magnolia area.

Magnolia Pilot Streetlights

Three pilot streetlights have been installed in the Magnolia neighborhood.

Marion Street Duct Bank Repair

Repairing damaged duct bank to maintain reliability.

Market Street Electric Vehicle Charging Site

Converting the former Market Street Substation property into an electric vehicle charging site

Meadowbrook Cable Replacement

Repairing underground electrical system in Meadowbrook.

Miller Community Center - Solar Microgrid

Installation of a battery energy storage system, solar panels and microgrid controls.

Morgan Junction Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Converting the former Morgan Junction substation property into an electric vehicle charging station.

Overhead Line Relocations on I-5 (Shoreline)

Pulling overhead wires over I-5 to support Sound Transit construction.

Queen Anne Communications Tower Retrofit

Tower reliability improvements on City Light's communications tower.

Queen Anne Utility Surveying

Survey work to design future infrastructure upgrades.

Relicensing the Skagit Hydroelectric Project

Collaborating with partners to renew the federal license for the Skagit Hydroelectric Project.

Relicensing the South Fork Tolt Hydroelectric Project

Collaborating with partners to renew the federal license for the South Fork Tolt Hydroelectric Project.

Shoreline Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Planning to install four electric vehicle charging stations at the Town & Country Market in Shoreline.

Shoreline Pole Replacement

Replacing 14 poles to enhance safety and electrical reliability. The new poles will be placed in the right-of-way.

South Park Electric Vehicle Charging Station

EV chargers install project in South Park.

South Park Underdeck LED Lighting Upgrades

Replacing existing State Route 99 overpass lights with LEDs.

Southwest Seattle Fiberoptic Cable Installations

Overhead fiberoptic cable replacements to maintain reliable communications.

Stewart Street Duct Bank Installation

Installing an electrical duct bank to improve reliability.

Streetlight Modernization Projects

Replacing aging streetlights and underground electrical cables to enhance safety and reliability.

Streetlight Repairs on SW Holly St

Repairing the underground streetlight system along SW Holly St.

Streetlight System Upgrades on Blanchard Street

Streetlight system improvements in the Denny Triangle area.

System Duct Bank Upgrades on Battery Street

Upgrading existing duct banks on Battery Street to improve reliability.

Thomas Street Civil Improvements

Installing a duct bank and vault to improve reliability in South Lake Union.

Underground Electrical Conversions on E Union St

Pulling in new cables to connect the underground electrical system along E Union St.

Wedgwood Electrical Improvements

Replacing aging underground infrastructure to improve reliability.

Windermere Streetlight Pilot Project

Piloting LED streetlight fixtures to improve safety and reduce emissions.

Streetlight Repair

City light operates about 84,000 streetlights throughout the city and beyond. Learn more about our ongoing work or report a streetlight that is out.

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