Electrification Means Less Carbon

City Light generates carbon-free electricity and maintains carbon-neutral operations. By using our electricity in your homes, businesses, and for transportation, you are helping us build towards a carbon-free future.

Electric vehicles and the electrification of citywide transportation is key to reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. We're investing in public and private charging stations and working with partner agencies to electrify buses, ferries, and other modes of transportation to further reduce carbon emissions.

Learn more about our electrification vision and strategy.

Modernizing the Grid to Create New Energy Services

As our electric infrastructure is being pushed to do more than ever, the grid must be modernized to make it efficient, reliable, resilient, and secure. City Light has been at the forefront of exploring grid modernization technologies such as microgrids, distributed energy resources, automation, and demand response. These technologies enable the utility's transmission and distribution systems to automatically adjust to changing conditions in order to increase the reliability of service and provide customers with insights on their usage, as well as support new products and services.

Learn more about our grid modernization vision and strategy.