Small and medium-sized businesses like yours require solutions that will lead your business to thrive. Our team of specialists can answer questions about your account and help you find solutions optimized for your business, all with the added benefit of knowing that your business is being powered by affordable, clean electricity with a net-zero impact.

Extra Help for Small Businesses

Our dedicated team of Customer Advisors provides tailored attention to small businesses, just like yours. We understand that trying to navigate all aspects of your utility account and energy management can be daunting for owners and managers with limited time and resources.

Whether you need help setting up a payment arrangement or finding energy efficiency programs to help save energy and lower your bills, an Advisor can serve as your single point of contact to ensure you achieve your goals.

Call us at (206) 684-3800 or connect with us online to get started.

We provide free energy-savings units and technical assistance to help qualified small businesses lower utility costs. City Light representatives are in the community visiting local businesses and offering the following:

  • Simple upgrades installed at no charge - including efficient LED lights, faucet aerators, smart power strips, and pre-rinse spray valves
  • Free walk-throughs to identify other potential ways to save on your lighting, heating, cooling, and refrigeration electric expenses·
  • Complimentary connections with qualified contractors
  • Free contractor installations for qualified upgrades

Does your business qualify? These solutions are designed for businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Are located within our service territory and on our small general service rate 
  • Are not a multifamily building, or part of a nationally owned chain or franchise

Contact us to learn more and schedule an in-person visit.

Energy Solutions for Small-Midsized Businesses

City Light can help you plan for energy-efficiency projects that can save your business energy and money for years to come. Learn more about our professional services and financial incentives for energy efficiency upgrades.

Schedule a virtual energy audit with one of our energy experts. An audit will help you identify where your business uses the most energy and how to use it more efficiently.

Connect with an Energy Advisor to get started

We have partnered with distributors to offer instant discounts for qualified lighting, heating, and cooling solutions.

Lighting to Go

Our Lighting to Go program offers instant discounts on qualified commercial LED products to help your business enjoy energy savings and high-quality lighting for years to come.

Review our Lighting to Go factsheet to find eligible products and discounts and visit one of our participating distributors to purchase your discounted commercial lighting.

Heating and Cooling Equipment

Contractors can receive instant discounts on qualified heat pumps under 5.4 tons, heat pump water heaters less than or equal to 120 gallons, and small ECM circulator pumps.

Review program details and have your contractor contact a participating distributor to purchase discounted equipment on your behalf.

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

An energy-efficient ultra-low temperature freezer can save your laboratory as much as $2,000 per year. Work with your contractor or distributor to learn more about point-of-purchase discounts funded by City Light.

Visit the US Department of Energy to learn more.

We offer easy and quick rebates to help reduce the cost of energy efficiency projects. These simple rebates do not require pre-approval however, be sure to carefully review eligibility requirements, and rebate applications must be received within 90 days of purchase.

Advanced Rooftop Controls

Adding advanced rooftop controls to constant speed packaged rooftop units can save up to 60% on your fan energy cost and provide improved comfort, better indoor air quality, and web-based energy monitoring and management. 

Visit Trade Ally Network Northwest to learn more. 

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Energy-efficient ENERGY STAR electric ovens, ice makers, and other commercial kitchen equipment can lower the amount of energy you use and save you money.

Review our Commercial Kitchen Equipment factsheet for more information.

Connected Thermostats

Connected thermostats more accurately match your heating and cooling equipment operation with your building schedule and help you program and control schedules remotely via the internet.

Review our Connected Thermostats factsheet for more information.

Connected Thermostat bonus rebate programming worksheet

View all simple rebate offers

Apply for a simple rebate               

Commercial building retrofits of lighting fixtures, lighting controls, HVAC controls, variable speed drives, IT server rooms, or refrigeration equipment can provide excellent energy and cost savings. Projects can include multiple energy conservation measures. Multifamily (>4 units) common area is also eligible.

Spotlight on...

Networked Lighting Controls - network lighting controls combine LEDs, controls, connectivity and data for a flexible lighting product that can improve occupant comfort and space utilization. Controls strategies built in to networked lighting controls include occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, continuous dimming and more. City Light is offering a bonus incentive for networked lighting controls of $50 to $75 per controlled fixture

Learn more about this technology and why it makes sense for your business lighting needs. Download the Networked Lighting Control Toolkit and check out the Lighting Solutions Playlist from our partners at the Lighting Design Lab and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Indoor Horticulture - Indoor horticultural operations are energy intensive. Lighting, HVAC and dehumidification can easily consume up to 40% of a grow facility's operations. Our retrofit incentives will cover up to 70% of eligible lighting and HVAC technology upgrades.

Review our commercial retrofit program requirements

Review our commercial retrofit incentive list

Apply for commercial retrofit incentives

In addition to providing instant discounts and direct rebates and incentives, we partner with regional organizations to deliver assistance and services to help you achieve your clean energy and sustainability goals.


EnviroStars is a one-stop-shop for Washington businesses to access assistance and gain recognition for being green. Your business may be eligible to receive free technical assistance, connect with rebates and resources, and follow a clear path to sustainability. The program's Green Business Directory helps customers, employees and the local community feel good about doing business with organizations committed to environmental excellence. 

Learn more and get started toward becoming an EnviroStar today.

While we do not provide contractor recommendations or endorsements, we do recommend that you get a minimum of three bids and always check references. Here are a few resources to help you find a contractor for your project:

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