Renewable Energy Credits

Whether you're in need of a one-time renewable energy credit (REC) purchase for a special event or a long-term REC purchase plan, our Green Up program provides affordable local and regional RECs to help your business achieve its sustainability goals.

Green Up is a voluntary renewable energy program that allows you to purchase RECs to support Pacific Northwest wind, solar, or other renewable energy projects, including rooftop solar projects hosted by local not-for-profits and public organizations like affordable housing, schools, and parks.

Three Ways to Participate

There are three ways businesses can Green Up:

  1. Green Up Your Event

    Consider a one-time purchase of Green Up RECs to match your next event's electricity needs and celebrate supporting local and regional renewable energy with attendees and stakeholders.

    Green Up My Event

  2. Green Up Match

    Match up to 100% of your company's electricity use and support local and regional renewable energy projects.

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  3. Green Up Block

    One REC (equivalent to one MWh of regional, renewable energy) costs just $10. Select as many RECs as you would like to have added monthly to your utility bill. Blocks can also be purchased for as little as $1 per month.

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Product Content Label

green-e.orgGreen Up is Green-e® Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer protection standards set forth by the Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at View our product content label for more information about Green Up REC purchases.