Seattle Meter Watch

Seattle Meter Watch is City Light's free, online energy use and cost information service, allowing you to track consumption in 15-minute, hourly and daily intervals.

Benefits include:

  • Access your facilities' meter data to view and download kWh usage, kWh estimated cost, kVarh and demand
  • View meter data for all your facilities at once
  • Track your facilities' energy use patterns and costs to identify issues and act quickly to cut costs
  • Set daily usage targets and receive alerts if your usage exceeds them

Log In and Get Started

If you know your user ID and password, click to log in.

Seattle MeterWatch is available to customers with large and high demand accounts, and also to medium accounts located in City Light's downtown network area. 

Want to Learn More?

Contact us to learn more about Seattle Meter Watch and find out if your facility is eligible.