Business Billing and Account Information

Managing your operational costs is critical for your bottom line. We’re here to help make it easy to understand your energy usage, bill, and utility rates, so you’ll have more control in managing your energy costs.

Your Bill: How it Works

  • Billing frequency - choose to receive monthly or bi-monthly bills
  • Payment terms - bills are typically due within 10-30 days of receipt
  • Rates and charges 

Sample Bills

Click below to view example City Light bills for businesses.

Example of a small or medium business bill from Seattle City Light

Example of a large or commercial business bill from Seattle City Light

Business Energy Rates

  • Rates are made up of several components that are required to cover the costs of providing your service—no more, no less.
  • Rates must be approved by the Seattle City Council. Rates are generally proposed and approved every two years.
  • Rates increased slightly in 2020. The next rate increase will occur in 2022.
  • Our rates are among the most competitive in the country, especially considering our carbon-neutral electricity product. We work hard to keep our costs as affordable as possible while continuing to provide our customers with the reliable green power they’ve come to expect.

Learn more about our business energy rates.