Cannabis Retailers, Processors and Producers

Director's Rules for cannabis businesses have been finalized. If you have questions about these final rules, please email

Cannabis Business Final Rules, effective Sept. 22, 2022

Cannabis businesses located in Seattle and those that come into Seattle to engage in cannabis business activities must obtain a Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) license, a Seattle business license tax certificate and a Seattle cannabis regulatory business license. No cannabis businesses are allowed to operate in Seattle without a business license and a cannabis regulatory business license.

The information below is available for download: to Tip 5501, Seattle Cannabis Business Licensing Information. See also Non-State Licensed Cannabis Establishment Enforcement Guidelines.

Cannabis business director's rules

Title City Clerk File No. Rule No.
Cannabis Business Regulations 322431 CBR 017, CBR 075, CBR 077, CBR 079, CBR 080, CBR 083, CBR 084, CBR 085, CBR 086, CBR 087, CBR 095, CBR 096, CBR 099, CBR 105, CBR 106, CBR 107, CBR 110, CBR 147, CBR 150, CBR 155, CBR 310, CBR 410, CBR 415